Linda Uhl

Linda Clark Uhl


Discovering what makes businesses tick, and brainstorming ideas are hands down my favorite things to do. Give me a good cup of coffee and maybe something to nibble on, combined with a goal for one or more clients, and it's the perfect recipe for a great brainstorming session. Tossing out ideas, building on them, and having a good healthy laugh along the way to a great solution truly can't be beaten.


Traveling whenever I have the chance and I believe if someone told me I could never go to the beach again I'd be devastated. It's the one place I can truly relax.

Painting. Wish I could make more time to do it. I actually have a fine art background as well as marketing. Watercolor and acrylics are my preference. It's funny that in 5th Grade I was harshly criticized by an art teacher for not using the "normal" colors and I didn't explore art much after that until I was in college. I've been fortunate to create paintings for two former Presidents, and have exhibited internationally. If you ever have the opportunity to see my paintings you'll see that I still don't paint in the "normal" colors.


My husband Jeff and I were married in 1991 and have two children. Griffin (UofL- go Cards!), and Natalie (WKU- go Toppers!). Two redheads, two college athletes. My family keeps me motivated and I learn from them every day. We have a dog and two cats to round out our home. Yes, I am one of those who views their pets as family.